Custom Ministry Videos

Types of Ministry Videos we can produce

Men’s Ministries, Ladies’ Ministries, Youth Ministries, District Training Videos, Capitol Campaign Videos, Campus Ministry Videos, General Outreach Videos, Church in a Day Videos, Church Planting Videos, Bible College Promotional Videos, and on and on and on…

We can produce anything from a 30 to 60 second commercials, a 3 minute promotional spot, to a multi-hour training seminar… and everything in-between.

Choose MMC because quality really does matter

Quality speaks to your audience.  It says that this is a serious ministry, that it is being run by competent leaders, and that it is going to be successful.  If you choose MoveMyChurch to help you produce your promotional video, it will hit the mark every time.  We have a proven track-record of professional grade productions that are successful in getting your message across.  Don’t trust the success of your program to chance or shoddy workmanship, let MMC get it right the first time.     

Choose MMC If its too expensive and time consuming to be there in person

Are you promoting a ministry to an entire district?  Are you trying to get your message to an even larger audience.  When you calculate the time and expense of traveling around your state, region, or even further, a video production may be a much more cost-effective solution.  For pennies on the dollar we can get your message out to the people that you need to hear it.  Once your production is complete it can be transmitted by DVD into the hands of ministers and leaders.  MMC can also help you with promoting your message through video on your website or through social networking like Facebook.

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Choose MMC if you only have one shot to promote your cause

If you only have one shot at a camp, convention, or conference, MMC is your best choice.  Our products are designed to move an audience of any size.  Your ministry promotion video will capture and engage the audience to ensure that your time-slot is successful.

Choose MMC if you need to consistently drive your message home

If you need a product that can be played again and again through local church, meetings, on your website or through social media such as Facebook, MMC is your best choice.  Our products are smooth, professional, and appealing.  With MMC you will be proud of your production every time its played!

Film Locations

MMC is on the road. We are willing to travel to wherever you are in North America and stay on-site until the job is complete.

You can come to us. We have a beautiful church facility and studio in Seymour, Indiana that will accommodate all your production needs.

If travel either way isn’t an option, we can produce your video remotely. Using your photos and videos and combining them with our professional staff of designers, professional vocal talent, and resources your project will be breathtaking and effective.

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