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Video Production Works

Video production allows us to combine your powerful vision and burden, compelling images, stunning graphics, and inspiring music.  Modern technology gives us the ability to rise to the level of the world’s noise.  And, with the anointing of God, your message will find its way to the hearts Christ is trying to Move.  Whether you’re trying to reach the lost, raise funds, or promote a ministry or program, video production will work for you.

Outreach Videos

Imagine having 10 minutes to share the gospel with anyone in your community.  Thats what an Outreach Video can do for you!

Move my church was born over a decade ago by a vision to reach the lost with the gospel.  We wanted to take the anointing of our services, music, and message, as well as the many testimonies within our congregation, outside the walls of the church and into the living rooms of our community.  Our very first production was a success.  Since then we have produced a host of outreach videos for churches around the country.  It has been truly rewarding to hear the stories of people who have come to church and been converted as a direct result of these videos.  MMC Outreach productions will do this very thing for you!

We will film your services, music, preaching, your heartbeat, as well as testimonies from people you choose from your congregation.

Whether you pastor a thousand or a dozen, even if its just you and your family, an outreach video will help you share the truth with your community.

Your videos can be handed out one by one from people within your congregation, direct mailed to people within your community, or posted on your website.

Welcome Videos

Welcome videos are a great enhancement to your website, greeting booth, or church announcements and MMC is ready to help you!  We can produce cutting edge welcome videos that will give you the professional edge and a welcoming appeal.

Fundraising Videos

Building a new facility?  Raising money for a missions trip?  Trying to purchase a new van?  MMC can help!  We have a long track-record of quality and productive Fundraising Videos.  We have worked with many churches and districts throughout the UPCI over the last decade with great success.  MMC will leave you with a product that shares the right message in a compelling way that can be shared time and time again.

Ministry Promotion Videos

Kicking off a new program?  Trying to promote prayer?  Really need people to buy-in?  MMC is here for you!  For over a decade, we have helped local and national ministries to promote their vision.  We have the know-how to get that initial excitement for your ministry.  And, when the initial excitement has passed, the consistency of a video will help keep your ministry on the top of people’s minds.

Film Locations

MMC is on the road.  We are willing to travel to wherever you are in North America and stay on-site until the job is complete.

You can come to us.  We have a beautiful church facility and studio in Seymour, Indiana that will accommodate all your production needs.

If travel either way isn’t an option, we can produce your video remotely.  Using your photos and videos and combining them with our professional staff of designers, professional vocal talent, and resources your project will be breathtaking and effective.

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