Custom Missions Videos

Our Missions Vision

MMC is passionate about Global Missions and we are committed to helping you share your vision, gain support, and create awareness about your field.  Whether you are scheduled for deputation or still years away, we will work with you to produce the best missions/deputation video possible.  We will help you with project preparation, compile your photos and videos, film, edit, and produce your project quickly and cost-effectively.

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Missions  Video Q&A

What should I do first?

Get a free quote by calling MMC sales at:  toll free 866-325-1781 or local phone 812-528-0426.  Or email us at  You can also submit a free quote form here.  We will get back to you with a quote within 24 hours.  

What will happen after I accept the MMC quote?

When you accept a quote from MMC we will work with you at your convenience to help gather photos and videos for your project.  Check out our project preparation page for more information.  We will schedule consultation and film times at your earliest convenience.

Where will I meet with MMC?

Please see below for film location options.

How long will my project be?

We will taylor your project to fit your needs.  Typical missions videos are between 8 and 12 minutes long.  However, we are working for you and will produce a project to your specifications.

What will the style of my video be?

MMC has designed and produced custom videos for a wide range businesses and ministries.  We will create work to create the best and most cutting-edge project available.  We are also open to your directions and specifications.  We will custom design a project that meets your taste and moves people with your message.

What if I'm not great on camera?

Most people struggle on camera.  Some are just downright bad.  However, regardless of your experience or camera presence, MMC will make you look like an old pro.  You’re in good hands with MMC.  

How long will this project take?

Once you have provided us with all the footage and photos necessary for your project we will work to get your project done quickly. MMC can produce your project in as little as a week and not more than a month.  

What should I be doing right now?

First, call, email, or fill out a quote form for a free quote.  Then, please see our project preparation page for detailed instructions.

Film Locations

MMC will meet you in St. Louis

For your convenience we can meet you in St. Louis for consultation and filming at HQ.

MMC Can Meet You in Indiana

You can meet us in Seymour, Indiana for a slower paced consultation and filming.

MMC Can Travel World-Wide

We are willing to travel to wherever you are.  Whether you are in the states or oversees, we are willing to work with you to make sure your project is the very best.

Remote Production

Its also possible for us to complete your project without meeting with you physically.  We can build your project with photos and video that you send to us and that we acquire through MMC resources.

Don't Have Photo or Video Equipment?

Don’t have any video or photo equipment?  Thats no problem.  We want to help you get the right equipment. We can help you purchase the right equipment at a very low price. We can include that purchase in the total cost of your project. Or, you can use loaner equipment from MMC.

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