Project Preparation

Most people are a little intimidated by the video production process.  However, MMC will be here for you from the preparation phase all the way through to completion.  We’re the professionals, so we’ll help you with every step of process.  We’re going to make it easy.

Script Writing

Many people start with a script.  However, it isn’t necessary.  Bring a rough outline of some of the ideas you have for your project and we will work with you to develop a script that conveys your message.  And, you won’t ever have to memorize anything.

Compiling Media

We will walk you through the process of getting your photos and video together for your project.  Take a look at out our (Getting Prepared for Your Missions Project) or (Getting Prepared for Your Video Project).  Sometimes it just isn’t possible to get the photos and video that you want to make your project shine.  No worries!  MMC will work  behind the scenes to acquire amazing regional photos and video to ensure that your production is fun to watch and moving to the viewer!

Music Selection & Production

We take a great deal of time and make the effort necessary to find the perfect sound tracks for your production.  We edit music to fit the exact feel and length of your project. If that perfect sound isn’t available we can compose music to make sure its absolutely right.

Graphics Design

MMC has the equipment, software, and recourses to design a custom graphic look that will gain the attention and respect of your audience.  This is a way that we help you put your best foot forward.