Why MMC?

Video Production Works

Video production allows us to combine your powerful vision and burden, compelling images, stunning graphics, and inspiring music.  Modern technology gives us the ability to rise to the level of the world’s noise.  And, with the anointing of God, your message will find its way to the hearts Christ is trying to Move. 

MMC Staff - Credibility

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Aaron Arrowood is the founder and key videographer/editor for MMC.  He has over a decade of video production experience.  He is also an ordained pastor with the United Pentecostal church, licensed for nearly 20 years.


The MMC team is courteous and professional and ready to make your production the best that it can be.  We will not farm-out your work to sub-contractors around the country.  We will work together with you through the completion of your project.

Our Portfolio

We have worked with dozens of churches, missionaries, ministries, and businesses all over the US and around the world.  Our clients include:

  • United Pentecostal Church International (UPCI)
  • UPCI Global Missions Division
  • Foreign Missionaries (UPCI)
    •      South America
    •      Central America
    •      Europe
    •      Middle East
    •      Africa
    •      Asia
  • Wisconsin District Youth UPCI
  • UPCI Youth Division
  • Scott Sistrunk (Metro Missions)
  • Michigan District UPCI
  • Model Management (Cincinnati, OH)
  • Christian Liberty Foundation
  • Indiana District UPCI
  • Skaggs Builders (Seymour, IN)
  • T.J. Uniforms (Seymour, IN)
  • Elrey Enterprises (Southern Indiana)
  • Focus D.C. (Washington D.C.)
  • First Apostolic Church (Reynoldsburg, OH)
  • Dallas First Church (Dallas, TX)
  • Jackson College of Ministries (Jackson, MS)
  • Andrew Arrowood (Metro Missions)
  • Valley Lighthouse (Los Angeles, CA)
  • (Bakersfield, CA)
  • Apostolic Pentecostal Tabernacle (Seymour, IN)
  • Prince of Peace Publishers (Seymour, IN)
  • Campus Ministry (UPCI)
  • Texas District Youth (UPCI)
  • The Apostolic Church (Auburn Hills, MI)
  • (Fort Wayne, IN)
  • South Central Mass Choir (Indiana)
  • Kings Highway Family Worship Center (Terre Haute, IN)
  • Family Praise Center (Nobleville, IN)
  • (Woodlawn, LA)
  • Gernon Floyd Comedy
  • Church in a Day (Indiana)
  • Church in a Day National
  • House in a Day (Indiana)
  • King’s Business Association
  • The Turtl
  • Omega Church Consultants
  • New Beginnings
  • CLC – Wisconsin
  • Seymour Christian Academy
  • And many more…

Experience & Longevity

We have been in business for over a decade.  MMC has experience that you can trust.  Our productions speak for themselves.  We have worked on in a variety of high-profile, low-key, and even dangerous situations.  We know how to get your project done right!

The Right Equipment

We have the equipment to produce the highest quality products.  Our cameras, lights, and audio equipment are ready to produce your message in brilliant HD and warm sound.

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Cutting Edge Software and Technology

The world of editing, graphics, and music is changing every day.  We work to stay on top of what is available so that we will bring you the very best that video production has to offer.


Its one thing to own a camera and a computer.  Its a whole other thing to produce true art.  Our team has the creative edge.  We will work to make your production as unique as your calling and ministry.  Take a look at our Missions Demos, Church Demos, Or Ministry Demos and you will see the MMC difference.

The Anointing

MMC wants your project to have more than a great sound and look.  Through the anointing, we want to Move people with your message.  Thats what makes us MoveMyChurch Media.  Whether you’re raising funds, reaching out to the lost, or presenting a vision, MoveMyChurch Media will partner with you to get the job done right!

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